April 10th, 2020

Engineering News 10th April 2020

Radial trucks.

During the early years of “The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust,” our then CME Graham Rowland invested a vast amount of his personal time locating and researching many archives in his quest to amass a full collection of F5 drawings. Despite an exhaustive and very time consuming mission it became apparent that two key sets of drawings were unavailable; they simply did not exist namely the Stephenson’s valve gear and the radial trucks. Nevertheless Grahams persistence in locating what drawings survived enabled the construction of GER 789 (F5 67218) to proceed.

Eventually under Graham Rowlands’ lead the peripheral frame comprising of machined buffer beams and valences, smokebox, chimney, rail-guides, bunker and frame plates were manufactured.

Work commitments eventually deprived Graham of Holden time hence Kevin West agreed to further progress GER 789 resulting in our introduction to polymer patterns that greatly reduced the cost of patternmaking. Soon we had in our possession a machined cylinder block, machined tank supports and the substantial diamond stay that sits beneath the footplate.

Kevin West was to leave due to his commitment to another new-build project to be replaced by our current CME Elliot Powick.

Elliot Powick  set to work initially cross referencing work undertaken by Graham Rowland and Kevin West prior to further developing ongoing 3d CAD models. Elliot’s’ work to date includes  designing the Stephenson’s valve gear, plotting the numerous holes on he frame plates that culminated in their CNC machining, identified the correct design of motion bracket as the original piece tendered four different options. Recently, Elliot oversaw the design and casting of all eight wheels and further progressed the design of the crank axle.

As mentioned above the drawings for the radial trucks are  deemed not to exist hence Elliot has designed 3d CAD models from information obtained from factors associated with his research and development of GER 789’s build.

3d CAD radial truck depicting white machined surfaces.

3d CAD radial truck depicting white machined surfaces.

The two radial trucks represent the final two major castings that will enable GER 789’s assembled frames to accommodate the leading and trailing wheelsets.

The cost of the polymer patterns and castings is quoted as £10,000.00 and we are currently fund raising this amount of monies. To survey how you can offer your kind assistance please click on “Sponsor a Part”

With your valued assistance GER 789 will be advancing towards a steaming date.

Steve Cooper,


The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive  Trust.