May 10th, 2017

Engineering News 10th May 2017

Wheel Sets

CAD design for the wheel sets is advanced and quotes have been sought for the following items.

Driving wheel pattern – £3,000

Driving wheel castings – £5,500 ea (£22k)

Leading and trailing wheel pattern – Already in existence

Leading and trailing wheel castings – £3k ea (£12k)

Trailing driving wheel axle blank – £3k

Machining for above – £1,500

Leading and trailing axle material – £1,200 ea (£2,400)

Machining for above – £1,300 ea (£2,600)

Material for crank axle journals – £3,000


Crank webs (machined) – £1,200  (£4,800)

Assembly of crank axle – £500 per press (8-opps – £4,000)

 Machined Castings To Date

Cylinder block…………..fully machined and in store.

Diamond stay……………fully machined and in store.

Four tank supports……fully machined and in store.

Chimney casting…………….in store.

Fabrications completed…….bunker and smoke box.


Frame plates and buffer beams are in store pending assembly. Associated CAD work completed and ready for CNC drilling of plate holes and can be viewed by clicking on this link  F5-0001-R3a

It is anticipated that Tyseley will be assembling the frames during the latter part of 2017.

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