March 13th, 2022

Engineering News

After a wait of in excess of 20 years GER 789 will be displaying its identity in brass. “Procast Foundry Ltd.” of Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire has manufactured the patterns for GER 789’s bunker-side brass I.D. plates.

The project to produce accurate brass bunker side plates commenced several years ago with drawings  obtained by our then CME Graham Rowland whom in turn enlisted the able assistance of Lyn D Brooks of “The Great Eastern Railway Society.”  Latterly our CME Elliot Powick  modelled CAD drawings that were subsequently used by “Procast.” Casting of both brass plates is imminent.

Image courtesy of Procast Foundry Ltd.

Accurate bending

This may sound a little cryptic! “Accurate Section Benders Ltd.” of Kingswinford, West Midlands are currently bending/forming 16 x 25mm thick plates that will collectively contribute towards our goal of having leading and trailing wheels under GER 789 by the end of 2022.

A more comprehensive news update to follow soon.