April 17th, 2021

Engineering News 17th April 2021

Front end matters.

The original smokebox has been dismantled and all parts serviced. The smokebox wrapper has been replaced with one of the correct thickness and delivered to Tyseley.

Replacement smokebox wrapper. Elliot Powick.

The smokebox front plate, hinges, dart and locking bars etc have been serviced pending reassembly.

Serviced smokebox front plate. Elliot Powick.

Various smokebox components serviced and awaiting reassembly. Elliot Powick.

Cylinder cover supplied by Graham Rowland Elliot Powick.

The cylinder hood has been delivered to Tyseley, has been machined, awaits hinges and fitting to the frames.

Various stops and brackets that support the cylinder cover have either been trial fitted to the frames or are under manufacture.

Machined cylinder cover stops temporarily bolted to inside of frames. Elliot Powick.

Fabrication of all four buffers is progressing with buffer beam mounts being affixed.

Buffers nearing completion. Elliot Powick.


Front suspension components have been temporarily bolted to the frames; more details and images to follow soon.