March 5th, 2018

Engineering News 5th March 2018


As the build of GER 789 continues it becomes ever increasingly apparent that original drawings from different eras do not necessarily correlate. From a design perspective this situation is further complicated as the radial truck assembly (assy) is missing from our collection despite a thorough investigation being undertaken by our original CME Graham Rowland. As a consequence Elliot Powick, our current CME, has undertaken a vast amount of research  using  other drawings from our collection to gather information to facilitate the generation of CAD models of the radial trucks ahead of their manufacture. Radial truck guides are an integral part of the frames and run very close to the cylinders so need checking prior to frame assembly.

Radial truck elevation

Radial truck elevation

Underside of GER 789 with radial trucks in situ. Click on image to enlarge.