April 2nd, 2022

Engineering news April 2022

Radial trucks

Accurate Section Benders Ltd. of Kingswinford, West Midlands has delivered radial truck components to Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works.

The process of accumulating sufficient detail for the radial trucks has involved much research and consultation by our researcher Graham Rowland, our CME Elliot Powick and  CME of Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works Al Meanley.

Originally the radial trucks would have been cast however due to the unavailability of some drawings and resultant missing detail, our engineering team considered it prudent to fabricate the assemblies instead. A logical and commonsense approach rather than run the risk of wasting donations on castings and subsequent machining of components that could be unfit for purpose.

A detailed engineering report on the machining and assembly processes will be published soon.

Formed steel components for the radials

Formed steel components for the radials

NR radial truck. Image courtesy of Graham Rowland and the EARM

Brass bunker side number plate casting

Procast has cast both brass bunker side number plates. Detailed specification was kindly provided Lyn D Brooks of The Great Eastern Railway Society.