January 8th, 2018

Engineering News January 2018

Motion Bracket
The last main casting required for frame erection had its pattern made in early July. This was duly despatched to Coupe Foundry for casting.


As we were still in negotiation with TLW (Tyseley Loco Works) regarding a build slot it was giving to the casting company to do as and when to reduce the costings.

Motion Bracket CastingMotion Bracket Casting

This has now been completed and the casting returned to Premier patterns ready for machining.

Once the motion bracket has been machined all of the additional bracketry, fitted bolts and rivets should’ve been machined and delivered to TLW and with this part everything required to assemble the frames will be in their possession to start assembly once the slot has become available.
Once this has been completed the frame assembly should resemble the picture shown below. The small brackets at the base of where the hornguides sit are temporary stretchers to ensure no undue stress is added to the frames until its on its wheels and transmitting the assemblies weight accordingly.