June 18th, 2024

Engineering News June 2024

Despite the delay with pending wheel sets, engineering continues unhindered. Elliot Powick CME continues to develop CAD drawings for various items including the horn guides.

Recently delivered items include the cylinder covers and brake shaft brackets.  Graham Rowland researched the latter and assigned FSE Foundry of Braintree, Essex, UK. The brake shaft brackets support the brake shaft that runs across the frames beneath the cab. Refer to CAD detail below.

Graham Rowland is currently investigating machining costs of the brake shaft brackets plus seeking quotes for the brake shaft and associated levers. The Trust extends its thanks to Elliot Powick CME, Graham Rowland and FSE Foundry of Braintree, Essex, UK.


Machined cylinder covers.


Brake shaft brackets


CAD detail: Brake shaft brackets and brake shaft. CAD by Elliot Powick CME