August 29th, 2020

Engineering News Late August 2020

The Board of Trustees via Elliot Powick (CME) is able to report that Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works has quoted and provided a work schedule for the assembly of GER 789’s frames. As you will see below the amount of work to be undertaken by Tyseley is to say the least, “comprehensive” and with the exception of the horn-guides and radial trucks will provide frames to accommodate wheel-sets.


Tyseley has started preliminary work with the fabrication of gussets and the stretcher that is riveted behind the front buffer beam. The cylinder block and diamond stay are to be removed from storage and prepared for additional machining. Construction of the frames is scheduled to commence at the latter part of September 2020.


The predicted timescale from start of work to completion is approximately 4 months. Tyseley is to provide engineering updates plus images of progress throughout the build.

The Work Schedule.


To remove all parts from storage.

To clean up frame plates and all parts, de rust where necessary.

To remove cylinders from storage and clean up.

To move frames and all components to the works.

To set frames on stands straight and level.


Buffer beams 

To Manufacture 6 off front and rear buffer beam angle cut from oversize angle machined up square.

To set in front buffer beam stretcher, mark out and drill all holes, bolt up.

To set on buffer beams, mark holes through, drill and ream.

To set in corner gussets, bed to frames and buffer beams, mark out, drill, ream all holes, and bolt up.

To rivet buffer beams, gussets and stretcher.

To cut out slot for draw hook in stretcher, tidy up and machine draw hook cut outs in buffer beams.

To paint in anti corrosive primer.


Diagonal stay

To set up square and level in the frames.

To drill/ream all rivet holes and bolt up.

To rivet in position on the frame.

To paint in anti corrosive primer.


Frame stay

To manufacture angles from oversize angle, machined square on faces.

To set angles on to frame stay, mark out and drill/ream rivet holes.

To rivet angles to frame stay.

To machine angles and frame stay to correct overall length to ensure good fit in frame plates.

To set frame stay in to frames, drill and ream holes.

To rivet frame stay in to frames.

To paint in anti corrosive primer.


Foot plate angle


To cut angles, mark out and drill holes.

Set on frames and countersink holes.

Rivet to frame and grind off flush on inside of frame.

To paint in anti corrosive primer.


Motion Bracket

To set motion bracket true and square to the cylinders and driving horns.

To ream all holes.

To manufacture cold turned rivets.

To rivet in to the frame.

To paint in anti corrosive primer.



To split cylinder castings and clean up faces.

To manufacture 49 off fitted bolts and nuts.

To ream bolt holes.

To joint 2 halves of cylinder casting and bolt up tight.

To set cylinder in to loco frame and temporarily bolt.

To set cylinder in correct alignment with driving horns of the loco frame and temp bolt tight.

To ream all bolt holes.

To fit fitted bolts and bolt up tight.

To paint in anti corrosive primer.

The above work schedule has been financed.

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