March 5th, 2021

Engineering News March 2021

Construction of GER 789’s frames approach completion. Elliot Powick.

Elliot Powick CME and Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works under the leadership of Alistair Meanly CME have further progressed the build of GER 789 as the frames near completion.

Work undertaken to date includes hot riveting of the front buffer beam to the stiffener and frames, installation of the cylinder block and motion bracket, hot riveting of the mid frame stretcher, diamond stay, rear buffer beam and associated bracketry.

The four tank supports have been riveted into place to be followed by the footplate supports.

Tank and footplate supports.  Elliot Powick.

Wheelset progress

Machined leading and training wheels.         Elliot Powick

Machined driving wheels. Elliot Powick.

The leading/ trailing and driving wheels have been machined pending assembly into wheelsets. More information to be published soon.

Fundraising towards the boiler has commenced. To explore how you may be of assistance please click on

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