September 20th, 2022

Engineering News September 2022

As you can see above, work is continuing on the CAD files needed to produce the tanks and cab for the locomotive. This will be cut as a flatpack design (think Ikea just a lot larger) and then welded to form the individual parts. Careful thought has had to be used as the F5 was a cab/tank/bunker configuration of several locos so a lot of research has gone in to the design to ensure a faithful reproduction of the original is achieved. Once we’re happy with the design the fabrications should come together relatively easily.

The radial guides were originally pressed but as this would’ve involved expensive tooling we’ve reproduced 789’s as fabrications. Below shows three out of the four guides finished just awaiting final machining and fettling before being mounted in the frames.


Fabricated radial guides. Elliot Powick, CME


Fabricated radial guides. Elliot Powick CME.

Also well under way are the cylinder covers, the pattern has been made for the front covers and will be cast in the next few weeks.


Cylinder front cover pattern. Elliot Powick CME

The rear covers are also almost finished and just require all the relevant bushes machining and fitting to complete the assembly.

Semi machined front cover. Elliot Powick CME




Semi machined cylinder front cover, Elliot Powick CME

Once these have been fitted along with the pistons and rods which are currently under production the main thing left to do is the crossheads. These are currently awaiting initial quotations for casting. These along with the large radial truck castings and axle boxes will be the next castings done to enable the front and rear sections to be readied for the leading and trailing wheelsets, once completed.