June 17th, 2016

Engineering Report 17th June 2016

Stafford Road Design continues to develop GER 789 C.A.D. models.

13407242_1809697869260793_7504781407854156745_nRear view of GER 789 chassis. With the exception of the wheel sets the trust has had all components illustrated manufactured.

13346660_1809697942594119_2828547087772796327_nStafford Road Design has recently produced the C.A.D. model of the crank axle; more details to follow.

13406862_10154308108714529_6465631386159041817_n13419236_1809697972594116_3136646177902928763_nCylinder block C.A.D. model. Although the cylinders have been manufactured, the C.A.D. model is vital to ensure that all componemts align correctly before the build commences. As shown above, the cylinder block consists of two halves that sit between the frames. Refer to the illustation below.