December 16th, 2021

Engineering update 16th December 2021

The build of GER 789 continues apace. The most recent focus of attention has been the radial trucks; a protracted CAD engineering assignment due to the absence of crucial drawings. Fortunately our researcher Graham Rowland was able to unearth the required details to enable our CAD Engineer and CME  Elliot Powick  to proceed.  Material for the radial trucks is to be ordered in January 2022.

Click on image to enlarge. Courtesy of Elliot Powick.

Click on image to enlarge. Courtesy of Elliot Powick.

The frames continue to be progressed. The bunker base  plate has been drilled and cut to accommodate the handbrake column, whilst the steel for the steps and splashers has been machined and fitted to the frames.

Splasher and step bracket detail. Elliot Powick.

Step bracket detail. Elliot Powick.

Work continues on GER 789’s suspension.

Suspension links. Elliot Powick.

Thanks to our CME/CAD Designer Elliot Powick and our engineering team at Tyseley, 2021 has been an incredible year for GER 789 with the frames being assembled, smokebox fitted with chimney atop and the bunker located to the rear. The design work for  side tanks and cab has been all but completed with material soon to be ordered. With much more work planned for 2022 the appearance of GER 789 as seen at the footer of this news update will soon become a reality.

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We thank you for your continued interest and support.