April 12th, 2018


With the frames of GER 789 due to be constructed soon, The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust are now looking at their next fundraising push – the casting and manufacture of the wheelsets, including the machining and crank axle. With completion of this crucial step, the Trust would be able to present a rolling chassis of GER 789; a significant milestone in recreating this lost member of an East London icon, none of which survived into preservation.

To be able to achieve this, The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust are seeking part donations towards, and full sponsors of, the following components and their relevant costs:

  • Driving Wheel Pattern (£3,000)
  • Driving Wheel Castings (£5,500 each, total £22,000)
  • Material for crank axle journals (£3,000)
  • Lead and trailing wheel castings* (£3,000 each, total £12,000)
  • Crank webs (machined) (£1,200 each, total £4,800)
  • Assembly of crank axle (pictured right) (£500 per press 8-opps, total £4,000)
  • Leading and trailing axle material (£1,200 each, total £2,400)
  • Machining for the material (£1,300 each, total £2,600)
  • Trailing driving wheel axle blank (£3,000)
  • Machining for the axle blank (£1,500)

*patterns for these have already been produced

The above represents a significant expenditure towards crucial components for GER 789, and we cannot achieve this without your help. If you would like to sponsor any of these costs, in full or part, please fill out the form overleaf and either return to the members on our publicity stand, or to the address shown. Don’t forget – if you are a UK tax payer, your contribution can also benefit from GiftAid, further increasing your support!

We are also delighted to be able to offer a number of rewards to those who make large donations towards to scheme:

  • All donations over £100 will receive a FREE year’s membership, a signed print of Wrenford Thatcher’s “789 at Stratford Low Level”, and their name included on a roll of honour;
  • Donations between £1000 and £2000 will also receive a reserved seat on one of 789’s first publicly hauled trains;
  • Donations between £2001 and £5000 will also receive a pass for a single trip on the footplate.
  • The name of anyone donating £2500 or more will also be entered into a draw to win a driver experience course utilising GER 789.

Unable to make a large contribution in one go? Become a member and you will also be entitled to rewards – after all, we cannot progress without your support.