May 14th, 2012

Move to Mangapps

The embryonic F5 67218 has been relocated from Ovington to Mangapps railway museum, Essex. Our new home has the benefit of being an operational museum facilitating public access to our project plus the added benefit of in-house engineering expertise.

John Jolly, owner of Mangapps railway museum has granted use of what is believed to be a WW1 aircraft hangar to the trust. Our immediate plan is to develop the interior of the building into a an exhibition that will feature progress made with the project and in addition a comprehensive display portraying the history of this once extinct class of locomotive that featured so prominently throughout east London and the eastern counties of England.

The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust is a non profit making charitable Trust and we welcome donations to bring forward the completion date of F5 67218. Membership, Gift Aid and Standing Order forms are available to download from this site.

F5 67218 front bufferbeam off-loaded at Mangapps Railway Museum