April 17th, 2021

Engineering News 17th April 2021

Front end matters.

The original smokebox has been dismantled and all parts serviced. The smokebox wrapper has been replaced with one of the correct thickness and delivered to Tyseley.

Replacement smokebox wrapper. Elliot Powick.

The smokebox front plate, hinges, dart and locking bars etc have been serviced pending reassembly.

Serviced smokebox front plate. Elliot Powick.

Various smokebox components serviced and awaiting reassembly. Elliot Powick.

Cylinder cover supplied by Graham Rowland Elliot Powick.

The cylinder hood has been delivered to Tyseley, has been machined, awaits hinges and fitting to the frames.

Various stops and brackets that support the cylinder cover have either been trial fitted to the frames or are under manufacture.

Machined cylinder cover stops temporarily bolted to inside of frames. Elliot Powick.

Fabrication of all four buffers is progressing with buffer beam mounts being affixed.

Buffers nearing completion. Elliot Powick.


Front suspension components have been temporarily bolted to the frames; more details and images to follow soon.










April 2nd, 2021

Engineering Update 2nd April 2021

The build of GER 789 continues apace. Riveting of the frames has been completed ahead of the trial fitting of the smokebox and bunker.

As can be seen from the image above, the front buffer beam has had all rivets ground flush, has been primed and awaits the fitting of buffers. The rear buffer beam is at the same point of progress.  The footplate has been positioned and awaits riveting to the frames.

The Trustees are delighted to announce that our original CME Graham Rowland has returned to assist our current CME Elliot Powick. Meanwhile Tyseley and  Elliot Powick continue to further progress the build of GER 789 with axle boxes, crank axle and plain axles currently receiving priority attention.

Be sure to visit frequently to remain current with the build.



March 17th, 2021

Engineering Update 17th March 2021

A minor engineering teaser prior to our next major engineering update.

Some years ago a Holden member kindly donated two complete buffers to the Trust. Upon recent inspection at Tyseley it was discovered that a few of the buffer components were damaged hence it was decided that the best way ahead was to have new and missing parts made. All four buffers are pending affixing to the buffer beams. We’ll let the picture tell the story!

New buffer components, Alastair Meanley.

March 5th, 2021

Engineering News March 2021

Construction of GER 789’s frames approach completion. Elliot Powick.

Elliot Powick CME and Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works under the leadership of Alistair Meanly CME have further progressed the build of GER 789 as the frames near completion.

Work undertaken to date includes hot riveting of the front buffer beam to the stiffener and frames, installation of the cylinder block and motion bracket, hot riveting of the mid frame stretcher, diamond stay, rear buffer beam and associated bracketry.

The four tank supports have been riveted into place to be followed by the footplate supports.

Tank and footplate supports.  Elliot Powick.

Wheelset progress

Machined leading and training wheels.         Elliot Powick

Machined driving wheels. Elliot Powick.

The leading/ trailing and driving wheels have been machined pending assembly into wheelsets. More information to be published soon.

Fundraising towards the boiler has commenced. To explore how you may be of assistance please click on

” how can you help.” 

January 8th, 2021

Engineering News 8th January 2021

The cylinders have been fitted to the frames of GER 789 marking a watershed with construction.

A further and more detailed engineering update will be published soon.

GER 789 cylinders being positioned.                  Alistair Meanley

Installed cylinders.  Alistair Meanley.

Installed cylinders.  Alistair Meanley

Installed cylinders.  Alistair Meanley.

December 22nd, 2020

Engineering News 22nd December 2020

Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works continues to make progress with the assembly of GER 789’s frames.

Front elevation Elliot Powick.

Rear elevation Bob Meanley.


Front buffer beam detail. Elliot Powick.

Front buffer beam detail. Elliot Powick.

The cylinder block halves have been bolted together and await installation upon delivery of additional bracketry in January 2021

Cylinder block. Elliot Powick.

Cylinder Block. Elliot Powick.

Cylinder block. Bob Meanley

The crank axle has been redesigned with the option for a forged or modular unit: other design factors will determine the final decision. During the Christmas/New Year  holiday, CME Elliot Powick is designing the horn guides, braking system and suspension. During the first week of January 2021, orders will be placed for the three plain axle forgings plus the horn guide patterns and castings. In addition machining of all eight wheel castings is expected to proceed in January 2021.

To survey how you may be of assistance to the build of GER 789 please click on “How you can help.” The Trust eagerly awaits your interest.




December 7th, 2020

Engineering News 7th December 2020

Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works has commenced construction of the front buffer beam assembly.

Rear end of frames with buffer beam angle attached plus prepped cylinder block half. Elliot Powick

Attached front stiffener. Elliot Powick.

Front stiffener. Elliot Powick.

Quotations for the machining of all wheel castings and tyre rings  have been accepted. More engineering progress to be published soon.





November 27th, 2020

Engineering News 27th November 2020.


In mid October the casings and were removed from storage and moved into the workshop, cleaned and painted with primer. GER 789’s frames were relocated to the workshop, setup straight and level on stands. Meanwhile the cylinder faces were cleaned up in readiness for coupling together with fitted bolts manufactured for this purpose. Buffer-beam angles and frame stay angles have been made. Meanwhile design work continues and quotes are being sought for the many factors that are required to provide for a rolling chassis. GER 789 will look very different by this time next year.

Diamond stay aligned with frames. Elliot Powick

Diamond stay aligned with frames. Elliot Powick

Cylinder halves pending coupling and installation. Elliot Powick.


November 16th, 2020

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November 9th, 2020

Engineering news 9th November 2020

GER 789’s frames positioned for assembly. Elliot Powick.

GER 789’s frames were recently positioned inside Tyseley’s workshop signifying the commencement of the build.  Meanwhile castings have been removed from storage, cleaned and painted ahead of  fixing to the frames.

Motion bracket awaiting final fixing to frames. Elliot Powick.

Diamond stay and tank supports. Elliot Powick.

The first task will be to rivet the star (diamond) stay to the rear of the frames and to remove the temporary stretcher that was installed to facilitate transport to Tyseley earlier this year. In the coming weeks the machined cylinder halves will be prepared for additional machining and bolted together prior to being fixed to the frames.

The Trust has received a legacy that is sufficient to provide the rolling chassis however funding continues as a contingency hence we welcome your interest greatly. To survey how you can assist please click on “How you can help.”