October 9th, 2017

Potential Project Relocation to Whitwell and Reepham Station, Norfolk.

Preliminary talks have commenced with the Trustees of Whitwell and Reepham Station, Norfolk regarding the future relocation of GER 789. Such a move is necessitated as Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works is unable to accommodate 789’s frames upon their assembly.

Whitwell and Reepham Station will provide GER 789 with excellent opportunities to further progress via engineering, publicity and public accessibility.

For further information visit www.whitwellstation.com



October 3rd, 2017

Engineering Update 3rd October 2017

Negotiations are ongoing to identify a suitable home for our soon to be assembled frames, smokebox, chimney and bunker. A significant “news update” is expected to be published soon.




September 9th, 2017

Engineering News September 2017

Elliot Powick has CAD designed the bracketry that is necessary for the assembly of GER 789’s frames. Tyseley is to inspect and approve the final designs prior to fabrication.

With assembly of the frames imminent, attention is focused on relocating from Tyseley to another site. Discussions have been held with a potential display partner and an official announcement will be made soon.

The GER 789 display will consist of assembled frames mounted on bespoke frame supports. The smokebox complete with a prosthetic chimney will be attached to the cylinder block with the bunker attached to the rear with replica GER 789  plates affixed to the bunker sides.







July 2nd, 2017

HRA Award

Today the team (Chairman Steve Cooper, trustees Bob Ayton, Aidan Kelly and Greg Kiteos) visited the Epping Ongar Railway to meet Ian Leigh, Finance Director from The Heritage Railway Association and we were presented with an HRA award for Broadcast and Social Media.  This was the culmination of hard work to increase our profile through the website and social media.   Thanks goes to Dean Walton and The Epping Ongar Railway for their hospitality.   Also thanks to Andy Butler who couldn’t make today but along with Greg have been busy organising events for Holden to attend.


Ian Leigh presents the plaque to Chairman Steve Cooper with trustees Bob Ayton, Greg Kiteos and Aidan Kelly

Thanks to Dean Walton (middle) for setting this up at the Epping Ongar Railway

June 27th, 2017

GER 789 to be presented with a Heritage Railway Association Award

On Sunday the 2nd July, The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust (GER 789) is to be presented with a plaque by Ian Leigh, Finance Director of the Heritage Railway Association as winners of the “Broadcast and Social Media category of the Heritage Railway Association publication and media awards. “

The award ceremony is scheduled to take place at North Weald station, Epping Ongar Railway at 12.15.


June 25th, 2017

Engineering News 25th June 2017

Stafford Road Design Ltd (Elliot Powick) has progressed the Stephenson’s valve motion CAD models for GER 789. This was a particularly challenging task as the original drawings were not available to the Trust (presumed lost or destroyed,) therefore a vast amount of detailed work has been undertaken by Stafford Road Design for which the Trust is extremely grateful.  View animations by clicking on each individual thumbnail.





June 22nd, 2017

Engineering News 22nd June 2017

The Trusts’ Chief Mechanical Engineer Elliot Powick has recenltly identified the correct design of motion bracket for GER 789 from four posible options. The resultant CAD model has been used by Premier Patterns and Castings Ltd to manufacture a polymer pattern that will shortly be sent to a foundry in readiness for casting of the motion bracket.

Motion bracket pattern.


Motion bracket pattern.

Motion bracket pattern.

Motion bracket pattern.

June 12th, 2017

Engineering News 12th June 2017

Stop Press: Motion bracket pattern ordered; Stephenson’s motion CAD model completed. More details to follow soon.

June 2017 Engineering Report

Following a meeting with Bob Meanley at Tyseley on May 19th it has become apparent that, with Tyseley Loco Works (TLW) current work load, the current plan for frame erection would be difficult to implement.

The original plan was for TLW to procure all the peripheral components things like gussets, rivets, bolts etc and the F5 Trust were left to provide any outstanding castings (motion bracket etc). At the moment, what with TLW’s current work load the current schedule was not going to be achievable mainly down to other current TLW projects unexpectedly over-running (anyone that’s been involved with loco restoration will wholly understand) so it was decided that another proactive way to get the frames built was needed.

The plan now is a quick 1-2 week assembly turn around in which the F5 Trust with TLW’s assistance will procure everything required to put the frames together and will be project managed so that all the parts come together for their allotted time in TLW’s workshop.

This in turn means that all the additional parts will need to be acquired in readiness for this to begin. So that’s 184 rivets,  113 bolts, 129 nuts, 12 brackets, 1 extra machined casting, machined frames and buffer beams all to hit TLW’s workshops at the same point then 2 weeks later we should have a nice new set of erected frames.

Motion Bracket

Motion Bracket

Machined Motion Bracket

The last main casting required is the motion bracket. Now the Trust has ascertained which bracket it required we can now move forward and make the pattern, cast and machine. This is one of the last pieces needed and will be cast, machined and delivered just prior to the frame erection.


The Trust is currently looking at alternative options to some of the cast brackets required for frame erection. With current welding techniques it should be possible to create the same parts using laser cut parts welded together to form a copy of the cast bracket at a considerable cost reduction compared to patterns, castings and machining. This process has been used before on other loco restorations so it should be relatively easy to do so. We’re currently in conversation with a few fabrication companies who can assist with these parts and possibly sponsorship of some if not all of the costs.



May 10th, 2017

Engineering News 10th May 2017

Wheel Sets

CAD design for the wheel sets is advanced and quotes have been sought for the following items.

Driving wheel pattern – £3,000

Driving wheel castings – £5,500 ea (£22k)

Leading and trailing wheel pattern – Already in existence

Leading and trailing wheel castings – £3k ea (£12k)

Trailing driving wheel axle blank – £3k

Machining for above – £1,500

Leading and trailing axle material – £1,200 ea (£2,400)

Machining for above – £1,300 ea (£2,600)

Material for crank axle journals – £3,000


Crank webs (machined) – £1,200  (£4,800)

Assembly of crank axle – £500 per press (8-opps – £4,000)

 Machined Castings To Date

Cylinder block…………..fully machined and in store.

Diamond stay……………fully machined and in store.

Four tank supports……fully machined and in store.

Chimney casting…………….in store.

Fabrications completed…….bunker and smoke box.


Frame plates and buffer beams are in store pending assembly. Associated CAD work completed and ready for CNC drilling of plate holes and can be viewed by clicking on this link  F5-0001-R3a

It is anticipated that Tyseley will be assembling the frames during the latter part of 2017.

Donations to assist with the above will be gratefully received via Just Giving or by clicking on ” How You Can Help.

Should you like to contribute to the funding of GER 789 please make cheques payable to The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust and send to  For further information please click on “How You Can Help.

For all other matters including offers of commercial sponsorship please contact [email protected]  or write to      The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust, 49 Beech Avenue, Halstead, Essex, CO9 2TT.

April 24th, 2017

Engineering News 24th April 2017

With the correct design of motion bracket established and CAD modeled into the chassis, CME Elliot Powick continues to develop the Stephenson’s valve gear. Once completed, an animated sequence of the valve gear will be published on our news page.

CAD models of the wheel sets have been distributed with the first of several quotes expected to be received by Elliot Powick by the end of April 2017. A news update will be published soon.