Engineering News 25th May 2014

Cylinder Block Section.

33500 - e - wip 133500 - e - wip 2

Preliminary drawings of the right hand side of the cylinder block with the valve port face in position as prepared by West Steam Design.

Engineering News 14th May 2014

Diagonal Frame Stretcher

6681 - e 16681 - e 2

West Steam Design of Upper Wardington, Banbury, Oxfordshire has completed the 3D CAD Diagonal Frame Stretcher drawing.

A meeting with the pattern maker is scheduled to discus technical issues relating to the cylinder block.

Engineering News 12th May 2014

West Steam Design of Upper Wardington, Banbury, Oxfordshire has agreed to produce 3 CAD drawings of the following components for GER 789: Cylinder Block, Intermediate Hornblock, Driving Hornblock Incl. Horn Stay, Valve Spindle Guide, Frame Bracket, Diagonal Frame Stretcher, Reversing Shaft Bracket, Intermediate Hornblock Assembly, Axlebox, Keep, Hornstay, Spring Hanger, Wedge and drawings for pins to complete Axlebox Assy.

Please refer to the “Sponsor a Part” page for further information.

 Engineering News 10th May 2014

 Kevin West of the Patriot project has been assigned to produce the 3D CAD work for GER 789. Kevin has been a Mechanical Design Engineer working mostly within the automotive and aerospace industries specialising in CAD design for the past twenty years.

Engineering News 1st May 2014

Work is to commence on producing the CAD model that will be required for the production of the polymer cylinder block pattern. Further details will be available soon.




The re-branded Holden Information stand attended the Epping Ongar Railway’s Diesel Gala on 26th and 27th April at North Weald station. The artist Eddy Dodwell (pictured) presented the Holden Trustees with the GER 789 banner that he designed with the assistance of Lyn D. Brooks of The Great Eastern Railway Society and Rodger Green of the Epping Ongar Railway. The banner was manufactured and gifted to the Trust by “Terry.”