The frames of GER 789 have been  erected at Tyseley Locomotive Works, Birmingham. To coincide with the frames assembly The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust is pleased to announce the launch of our ‘Get It Rolling’ campaign, which is the fundraising drive that will secure the manufacture of components required to create a rolling chassis. We have sourced quotes for the following items:

  •  Radial truck patterns and castings (£10,000.00)
  • Rear driving wheel axle blank (£3,000)
  • Machining the axle blank (£1,500)
  • Leading and trailing axle material (£1,200 each; total £2,400)                               
  • Machining of the material (£1,300 each, total £2,600)
  • Material for Crank Axle journals (£3,000) FUNDED
  • Machined Crank Webs (£1,200 each; total £4,800)
  • Assembly for Crank Axle (pictured right) (£500 per press; 8-opps, total £4,000)
  • 2 x Radial truck polymer patterns and castings (£10,000.00) Fund raising live.


If you would like to make a contribution towards any of the above, then please fill in a donation form, set up a standing order, or donate via our JustGiving page. No amount is too small, and if you are a UK taxpayer, your contribution could be eligible for GiftAid too!

  • All donations over £100 will receive a FREE year’s membership, their name included on a roll of honour and a print of Wrenford Thatcher’s “GER 789 at Stratford” artwork;
  • Donations between £1000 and £2000 will also receive a reserved seat on one of 789’s first publicly hauled trains;
  • Donations between £2001 and £5000 will also receive a pass for a single trip on the footplate.
  • The name of anyone donating £2500 or more will also be entered into an annual draw to win a driver experience course utilising GER 789.

Unable to make a large donation in one go? Don’t fret – for those taking out membership and making a regular contribution by Standing Order, you will also be eligible for the above perks once you hit the required thresholds!

Click to see CAD work for the drilling of plate holes.

Stephenson’s Valve Gear

Despite securing a number of original drawings (courtesy of the National Railway Museum), the design of the Valve Gear was not amongst them. We are, however, fortunate in that our Chief Mechanical Engineer, Elliot Powick, has been able to produce new CAD designs from scratch. To see more of these, please see our YouTube page. Whilst not part of our current fundraising drive, we are keen to ensure we are always looking ahead and preparing for our future work.

Components Manufactured To Date

We already have a number of components manufactured, waiting for the day GER 789 is ready for them to be fitted. The following is a non-exhaustive list of what is currently stored:

  • Front ElevationCylinder block. Fully machined
  • Diamond stay. Machined
  • Four tank supports. Machined
  • Frame-plates. Machined
  • Buffer-beams. Machined
  • Footplate supports.
  • Motion bracket. Fully machined
  •  Rail guards
  •  Spring hangers
  • Smoke box door and wrap, smoke box ring and fittings
  • Chimney casting.
  • All wheels have been cast, machined and awaiting axels and tyres at Ian Riley (E) Engineering
  • Frames assembled.

Should you like to contribute to the funding of GER 789 please make cheques payable to The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust and send to  the address below, or find out other ways you can help.

For all other matters including offers of commercial sponsorship please contact info@holdenf5.co.uk or write to:
The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust, 49 Beech Avenue, Halstead, Essex CO9 2TT